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Hotels and holiday lets are adapting quickly to the needs of their guests who often arrive at their accommodation with a low battery and need a simple charging solution on arrival. Owners need a low maintenance system that allows them to recover the electricity costs and their guests need a simple solution that allows them to enjoy their stay without worrying about where they’ll charge their car.

Our van parked outside installation premises
Close shot of EV charge point on wall
Share point on brick wall
EV Charge point on wooden fence
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The Challenge

We needed to install simple, easy to use charging infrastructure that was in keeping with the handsome stone cottages and which allowed the owners to re-coup their operating costs.

The Process

Having understood the requirements and conducted on site surveys at each location we recommended a solution that combines the Easee 7.2kW charge point with the Monta software package for payment, billing and reporting. 

The Result

This means that guests can easily pay for to charge their car and not worry about having to trail their 3-pin granny lead out of the window of their accommodation or have to search for local public charger points. Meanwhile the owner can attract more guests and generate an additional revenue stream from the charge point itself. 

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