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Ensys Ltd



Ensys Ltd are a large HVAC installer based in Newbury who already had 4 Electric Vehicle Charge Points installed at their premises. We upgraded these to 6 smart charge points with an innovative mounting structure.

Zappi charge point
Zappi charge point
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The Challenge

The electrical supply capacity to the site along meant that we had to design a load balancing system that would allow all 6 parking spaces to have charging points installed without exceeding the site electrical supply. We also had to work within the constraint of installing 6 EVCP units across only two charging pillars.

The Process

Given the available electrical supply and the constraint that the customer was prohibited from installing an additional charging pillar we designed a bespoke mounting system that allowed three vehicles to be charged from a single pillar that served three parking spaces. We also specified a dynamic load management system that ensures that each of the company cars are charged at the maximum possible speed without exceeding the site supply.

The Result

Ensys Ltd can now charge 6 vehicles simultaneously from the two charging pillars installed keeping their sales team charged up and on the road with their customers. 

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