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EO Genius 2

The new EO Genius 2 is a much improved version of it’s predecessor the Genius 1. It’s OCPP compliant, has built in O-PEN protection and is probably the best looking commercial charge point on the market.

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Easee Charge

Easee Charge maximises the available electrical capacity within the building using dynamic load and phase balancing. The ultimate solution for delivering EV-Charging at scale for workplace, apartment blocks, car parks and fleet.

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MyEnergi Zappi v2.1

The MyEnergi Zappi is one of the best selling UK charge points for a reason. It’s well built, works wonderfully with Solar PV installations and has an array of smart features

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Sevadis MaxiCharger

The Sevadis MaxiCharger is a robust, reliable and compact charge point that is well suited to commercial environments. It’s got a great U.K. support team and is competitively priced. It can be wall mounted, installed on bespoke posts or as a pillar mounted unit.

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